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numbro zenbot

popper. 'up ted_on_trend false end 'up' ix_high ix, ix, ix) if (ise_level_pct! RangeFloat(-1, 5 order_type: stOption maker 'taker sell_stop_pct: Phenotypes. 'sell' : ntinue_selling /if you want to sell only after a buy happens, move the to the line below gnal 'sell' if (ix * 100) (wn_trend_threshold * -1) if (end!

Trading always requires maximum concentration. Js is git-ignored, so you should copy config_sample. Humans cant simply match the speeds and will inevitably miss many opportunities to make profit.

3.4.0 Re-organized the config so config. Were there any incidents when the bot's trade made a loss? Since I learned how to code by reverse engineering, I publish code so others can do the same, and by doing so I'm saying thanks to Satoshi, Torvalds, djb,. 3.4.3 Fix sim URL not having selector in it min_trade now controlled by product. When an economist gets satisfaction from his work, that means he is going in the right direction. Based on what criteria does the bot decide to close a trade? It can also backtest trading strategies using live data. However, constant attention and efficiency present quite a complex task. However you may have to resolve a conflict with your config.

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