Forex positions ouvertes

forex positions ouvertes

EUR you sold. You can therefore view the relationship between long and short positions. Should you decide to hold at long position of 1000 EUR/USD (1 CFD) for the next business day, you receive interest on the 1000 EUR you bought, while you pay interest on the USD equivalent you sold. If the interest rate on the currency you bought exceeds that of the one you sold, you will receive the difference (the rollover amount). The rollover amount is accrued on the end position which is transferred from the previous day.

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When JPY is included in the currency pair: Rollover (Swap rate/100) Position Number of days. Créez un compte Live ou commencez par créer un compte démo, cent, mini, standard, eCN Zero, crypto. Ouvrir un compte à votre convenance. This is called a "short" position. If the account is in a currency different to the second currency in the pair, the sum will be recalculated in the currency of the account using the corresponding price of the currency pair at the end of the business day. The spot value date for a position opened on Friday is Tuesday.