Forex hacked pro ea

forex hacked pro ea

balance. And now the first red flag there are no refunds whatsoever once you buy this EA, it's final! The first differences are already visible. This way, four wins compensated for the 13 losses. Pro Account, view more. Our mathematical approach with our software means it will always turn a profit regardless of market conditions. On top of that, the price also allows you to run Forex Hacked (version.5) the predecessor of Forex Hacked Pro, on a live account too.

Features of the Forex Hacked Pro: Platform: Metatrader4, currency pairs: eurusd, gbpusd, eurchf, usdchf, eurjpy, usdjpy, eurgbp, audusd, usdcad. Briefly, the gain for a two-month period of trading is 162, which is impressive, but the drawdown for this short period is 12 and that indicates a pretty risky trading.

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The miraculous robot trades a raft of currency pairs - eurusd, gbpusd, usdchf, usdjpy, usdcad, audusd, eurgbp, eurchf and eurjpy, and the builders insist that the bot is so successful that it can deliver solid results with any combination of these pairs. By the way, I'm not sure whether we are not dealing a cent account here. And now, back to our particular case, after two months of trading, the trade contract size has reached.20 lots: what do you think will happen in a year? Instead of closing the trades, the robot keeps them open for a long time we are talking weeks. To see how the Forex Hacked Pro EA actually performs in live trading, we'll explore in detail a real account with FXOpen, active since November 9, 2012, trading a group of currency pairs: eurchf, eurgbp, gbpusd, usdcad, usdchf, and usdjpy. Profitable no matter what! Ex4 t t t t t t t.

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